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Leaders in Enterprise Risk & Emergency Management since 2001

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Enterprise Risk Management

We employ industry-leading & unique Enterprise Risk Management strategies in support of your organization to manage risks & seize opportunities related to the achievement of your objectives. Our certified ERM professionals take ownership of operational hurdles to be a part of your organization’s successful outcomes. “Risk is everywhere, what an organization does with that risk will define it’s success”. - Trey

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Project Management

Our team of professionals can assist in project management by leading the work of your team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints. We will assess and assimilate all information described in project documentation, which we can assist in the creation of at the beginning of the development process. At CRS our primary principle is to adhere to and bring your goal together within the constraints of scope, time, budget.


At CRS, the safety of your team and your organization are of paramount importance to our overall Risk Management strategy. We partner with you to assess your overall safety needs and goals, develop a plan of implementation and assist in bringing safety as a core value to your organization.  CRS is also fully capable of providing sustainment training to ensure your team and your mission remain beyond compliance.

Onsite Training & Video Content

CRS partners with organizations and their personnel to provide onsite, customized and effective training.  Whether it be safety, medical, security, team-building, mental health, compliance or requested training, the professionals at CRS bring global experience across a myriad of disciplines. Our team looks forward to working side by side with your team.

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Workers Compensation

Utilizing our expertise in data analysis, we streamline the process of managing workers' compensation claims. By employing advanced analytics, we accurately assess the circumstances surrounding each incident, identifying patterns and trends to mitigate risks and prevent future accidents. Our systematic approach ensures timely and efficient handling of claims, facilitating prompt communication with relevant stakeholders.  Through detailed analysis and reporting, we provide invaluable insights that enable businesses to proactively address workplace safety concerns, ultimately fostering a safer and more productive work environment.


Leg Injury

Accident Investigations

Employing our services for accident investigations related to workplace injuries ensures a thorough and systematic approach to uncovering the root causes of incidents. Utilizing advanced analytical tools, we meticulously examine the circumstances surrounding each accident, identifying contributing factors and potential hazards. Our expertise enables us to provide actionable insights that go beyond mere surface-level observations, empowering businesses to implement targeted corrective measures to prevent future incidents. By leveraging our comprehensive analysis, businesses can cultivate a culture of safety, ultimately reducing the frequency and severity of workplace injuries.

Emergency Management

CRS EM concepts protect entities by coordinating & integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain, & improve capabilities to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, & recover from emergencies, terrorism, or other man-made disasters. Our training, preparation & planning, can help you thrive during unpredictable times. “Don’t let luck and fortunate outcomes lead you to believe you are well-trained or prepared”. 

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Audits & Assessments

The professionals at CRS are available to perform audits and assessments of multiple projects and departments within your organization.  Our subject matter experts can assist your team to streamline processes and ensure compliance, sustainability and profitability.  

We Believe in a Zero Loss Culture

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About Commercial Risk Services

For over two decades, Commercial Risk Services has helped our partners keep their people safe, their property secured and, their interests protected. We engage every area in the process to take ownership and see the direct benefits of managing risk. 


Working with a wide range of clients from manufacturing plants to high risk industries like electrical contracting, nursing homes, petroleum, educational organizations, government entities, home health & hospice, and churches and daycares, we understand that most clients are under-prepared and under-aware of the risks in front of them.

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Commercial Risk Services

1112 South Boston Avenue Tulsa Oklahoma 74119


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