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Our Services

Our focused professional services help insure that your organization not only mitigates potential risks but eliminates them. Our customers feel safe knowing that they are prepared for any situation & are equipped to deal with any circumstance. Below is our list of complete services. Contact us to speak with one of our experts. 

Managed Services

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Enterprise Risk Management

CRS provides industry-leading strategies to assist organizations in identifying their Total Cost of Risk.  Through the CRS CARR platform, organizations are guided through the process of reducing exposures and maximizing profitability.

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Emergency Management

The CRS Emergency Management team provides real-world experience and implementation to organizations.  CRS can help develop emergency operation planning, action plans, asset management and operational security options to keep organizations and their team safe, strong and secure.

Administrative Risk Services

Business Meeting

Project Management

CRS provides overall Project Management to organizations to assist in planning, execution and completion of projects that an organization may not have internal resources to oversee the project to successful conclusion.

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Worker's Compensation Management

CRS provides worker compensation program administration and support.  The CRS team can integrate with your current worker compensation  program and assist with filings, reviews and interaction with the third party claims administrator.


Cyber Risk Management

CRS can identify and reduce cyber liability exposures and losses in data, uptime, information and productivity.

Dollar Bills

Grant Procurement

CRS provides grant procurement and administration as a part of the overall Project Management process.  The CRS team of experienced procurement specialists can guide your organization through the process of locating, qualifying, receiving and utilizing grant funding to support your organization.

Exclusive Safety & Preventative Services

Air Compressors

Air Purification

CRS provides access to proven, industry standard and proprietary air purification solutions for yje protection of your organization, personnel and guests,

Commercial Power Wash

Environmental Cleansing

CRS delivers cutting-edge and proprietary environmental cleansing solutions for organization.  CRS environmental solutions provide safe and economical products that reduce the spread of bacterias, viruses, molds and fungi, helping guard your organization against unseen risks.

Company Presentation

Digital Media & Brand Control

CRS can assist in maintaining a high-level and effective digital media presence whilst protecting and enhancing your organization's brand control,

Safety Training

Construction Worker

Safety Training

At CRS, the safety of your team and your organization are of paramount importance to our overall Risk Management strategy. We partner with you to assess your overall safety needs and goals, develop a plan of implementation and assist in bringing safety as a core value to your organization.  CRS is also fully capable of providing sustainment training to ensure your team and your mission remain beyond compliance.

"There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction." 
-  John F. Kennedy

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