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Excellence in Enterprise Risk Management and Emergency Management since 2001

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By identifying, analyzing and controlling risks and emergencies, we help our partners in the public, NFP, governmental and private sectors directly impact bottom line profits and protect the sustainability of their organizations.

For over two decades, Commercial Risk Services has helped our partners keep their people safe, their property secured and their interests protected.

We engage every area in the process to take ownership and see the direct benefits of managing risk.   Our certified enterprise risk management and emergency management teams will be your partner to navigate the right options for your business.

Working with a wide range of clients from manufacturing plants to high risk industries like electrical contracting, nursing homes, petroleum, educational organizations, government entities, home health & hospice and churches and daycares, we understand that most clients are under-prepared and under-aware of the risks in front of them.

Our Mission – Preserve, Prevent, Protect

It is our mission to Preserve our customers’ vision and values, whether it be a single project or long term partnership, while striving to Prevent them from harm due to loss and ultimately to Protect their investments and assets by helping them identify and control their overall cost of risk.

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