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At CRS, the safety of your team and your organization are of paramount importance to our overall Risk Management strategy. We partner with you to assess your overall safety needs and goals, develop a plan of implementation and assist in bringing safety as a core value to your organization.  CRS is also fully capable of providing sustainment training to ensure your team and your mission remain beyond compliance.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at CRS. Our range of services ensures that your workplace remains secure, and your employees protected:

  • Tailored Written Programs: Addressing a wide array of safety concerns.

  • Thorough Training Programs: Empowering your workforce with essential skills and knowledge.

  • Diligent Monitoring Services: Keeping a vigilant eye on workplace hazards, including air and noise levels.

  • Comprehensive Reporting Compliance: Fulfilling requirements like OSHA 300 logs, SARA 313 (Form R), and 311 and 312 (Tier I and II).

  • Regulatory Documentation Assurance: Ensuring meticulous alignment with OSHA regulations.

  • Interactive In-Person Safety Training: Engaging sessions conducted by experienced instructors, fostering active participation and practical application of safety protocols.

  • Engaging Custom Safety Videos: Reinforcing safety protocols with visually compelling content.

  • Expert Incident Investigations: Analyzing incidents to prevent recurrence and improve safety measures.

  • Dynamic LMS Content Generation: Continuously educating and reinforcing safety practices throughout your organization.

With our commitment to safety excellence, we don't just offer services; we provide peace of mind.

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