We Are Your Risk Management Team

We are focused on helping businesses and organizations in both Oklahoma and Texas reduce risk.

By identifying, analyzing and controlling risk, especially in areas of workplace injuries, workers compensation and controllable losses, we help clients impact their profits and protect the longevity of their organizations.
We identify hidden risks, eliminate them when we can and provide cost effective alternatives through risk improvement/reduction and risk insurance. As us how we we help you and your organization become safer, in control, and rewarded financially through expense reduction and more favorable rate negotiations.

Risk Management

Risk Management is the practice of protecting an organization from financial harm by identifying, analyzing and controlling risk at the lowest possible cost.

Safety Services

Notwithstanding the costly fines associated with non-compliance of safety regulations + increased insurance premiums, we believe people are your greatest asset.

Industry Specific

No two industries or operations are alike. We have developed a series of industry specific programs that we use as templates for our customers.

ISNET Assistance

At CRS we offer affordable and time sensitive services to help you get approved by Third-Party Pre-qualification Provider ISNetworld®
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